The impact of the pandemic seen by the satellites LIVE – Space & Astronomy


Understanding the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic through data from Earth observation satellites: this is the goal of the new interactive platform launched by the European Space Agency (ESA) with the Japanese Jaxa and NASA and presented today at 15.00 in a joint online conference, broadcast live on the ANSA Science and Technology channel from 15.00.

The data, technical knowledge and experience of the three space agencies will be combined in the ‘COVID-19 Earth Observation Dashboard’ platform to improve understanding of the environmental and economic impact of the pandemic.

By consulting it, it will be possible to see the environmental and economic indicators based on data from NASA’s Aura and Oco-2 satellites, Sentinel from the Copernicus program, managed by ESA and the European Commission, and Gosat and Alos-2 from Jaxa, and see how the lockdown and social distancing measures have influenced the quality of air, water, climate and soil at local level, as well as economic and agricultural activities.


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