The Immuni – La Stampa app has already been downloaded half a million times


«After 24 hours we have already had 500 thousand downloads means that the application has been appreciated in its simplicity and citizens have understood its usefulness». So the innovation minister Paola Pisano provided the first data on the use of the Immuni app for Coronavirus tracking. «We are among the first countries in the world» and «the first among the great EU countries» to use similar technologies. The app, he said, “was developed with full respect for privacy,” recalled Minister Pisano speaking on TG1. Also according to the data of the stores on the web, the Immuni app has reached considerable numbers in a short time: it has exceeded 100 thousand downloads in less than 24 hours since its publication in Google and Apple stores.

The Immuni app arrives, here’s how it works

The voluntary and anonymous application wanted by the Italian government, which notifies citizens of the exposure to the coronavirus, recorded between 100 thousand and 500 thousand downloads on the Play Store, the application store for Android devices. Apple does not disclose the number of downloads, but Immuni ranks first in the ranking of the top free apps. Many Italians have therefore decided to download the app, despite the fact that it is not currently working. In fact, Immuni will be tested only from June 8 and only in 4 Italian regions – Abruzzo, Liguria, Marche and Puglia – before being made operational nationwide. The volume of downloads is also one of the factors that will determine the effectiveness of the application: the greater the number, the greater the slice of the population monitored. According to Apulian health sources, at least 10% of the population will have to download the app in order to get results.

Although Immuni is not yet operational, many Italians have already left initial feedback. The reviews are more than 2 thousand on the Apple application store, and exceed 3,500 on the one for Android devices. The opinions obviously do not go into the merits of the functioning of the app, but range from those who have had some difficulty in installing it to those who appreciate the interface and to those who, finally, support Immuni as a tool to combat Covid-19 and encourage other users to download it.

Coronavirus, Conte on App Immuni: “It will not allow to trace the user’s identity”

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