The Immuni app can be downloaded today, testing in 4 regions. Beware of the virus



IS’ Immuni application for tracking contacts to prevent Covid-19 infection can be downloaded from Apple and Google stores today. The download on smartphones is possible from this afternoon across Italy, but they will be alone four regions to test the app: Puglia, Molise, Marche and Liguria.

From the website, you access a page that explains the functioning and purpose of the App and allows you to download it.

The adhesion to the tracking will be voluntary. Those who download the app and adhere to the tracking of their contacts will make it possible to prevent the spread of the virus as, in case of positivity, his contacts will be alerted, which may be self-isolated or subjected to a buffer. The collected data will be stored on individual devices, and not on a central server, and will be deleted by December 2020.

“I have no doubt that technically the App will work, I think we have to take it for granted because they have been working on it for weeks. What we don’t know is that represents a question mark is how many people will use it, being on a voluntary basis. But on the other hand there was no alternative, it could not be made mandatory “said Luca Richeldi on Radio 24 this morning, member of the Technical Scientific Committee of Civil Protection, ordinary of Respiratory Diseases of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, President of the Italian Pneumology Society.

On the website of Ministry of Innovation both the source code and are freely available the technical documentation of the app.

But in the same hours when the launch of the application is announced, a computer virus invests Italy. To make it known is Agid-Cert, the government structure that deals with cybersecurity. The virus is called FuckUnicorn and spreads a ransomware (virus that takes devices hostage and then asks for a ransom) under the pretext of downloading a file called Immuni. It spreads with an email which invites you to click on a fake site that imitates that of Fofi, the Federation of Italian Pharmacists’ Orders.

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