The HOT SUMMER is about to arrive with HOT record


Very often we have offered insights on the possible arrival of the African anticyclone. We exposed climatic weather scenarios on the basis of complex and punctual analyzes, analyzes that in more than one circumstance highlighted worrying analogies with particularly hot summer seasons (over all 2003), but also the closest 2017, when above all Italy was heavily affected by a long heat wave.

But yet, in 2017, the previous months, nothing foreshadowed very hot weather events. Early Julyfor example, they had snowfall in the Alps even at altitudes below 2000 meters. For the rest, until the first decade of this month, nothing made us hypothesize, if not the usual seasonal projections, that there could have been a severe heat wave like the one in late July and the first ten days of August 2017.

THE HOTTEST SUMMER ever. The hypotheses on the field

Someone will object that so far none of this has been seen and indeed, we are experiencing an early June which in some ways resembles September or even the month of October. All true, but let’s remember that the summer has only started for a few days – among other things on the weather calendar, not on the astronomical one – and that the scenarios could change at any moment.

At this time, in fact, High and Low Pressures do not reflect in the least what the summer baric scheme should be. We are having fairly frequent cold air lunges, sustained by cyclonic areas harassing bad weather. Even next week, for example, for our regions will have nothing to do with the good weather. Another depression will pass, which will bring bad weather of a certain weight. Just think that in some areas of Italy the accumulations of rain could be really exceptional.

GREENHOUSE GAS, atmospheric HEAT continues to increase

We will go fast in the middle, on 20/25 June, and it is at that point that the weather could really change its face. Here, maybe we are, maybe we have almost reached our destination. It is however to be confirmed. In the meantime, the European Weather Center calculation indicates that we will have July and August with average temperatures above normal.

Looking at the various forecast maps, we cannot fail to notice a significant change. The depressions, which will however continue to exist, could go towards Spain and from there point north Africa. The inevitable response of the African anticyclone could directly involve us. Yes, exactly, in the forecast maps we can see the first bad heat wave of June. However, this is not certain, and is moved forward. But what seems most relevant to underline, is that we always talk about important heat waves from Africa.

The race against time to save SUMMER 2020

It could bring us high temperatures, even in the order of 40 ° C in the South and in Sicily. But it could be hot, very hot, on all regions. We will see, the fact is that what until a few weeks ago were mere lucubrations (for some) are about to become reality.

For now, at least for a week there should be no significant heat waves, while after June 20, the prices increase significantly. But still the ECMWF trend should be proposed which indicates the coolest and wettest of June 2020 in Italy.

In short, if we are pardoned by the African heat in June, it will be very difficult not to wait for him later in the season.

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