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MILAN – A game in the clear, broadcast on TV8, the free channel of Sky, or from Dazn, with a streaming signal open to all, and the reduction of the embargo for highlights for the benefit of the other broadcasters, with the possibility, for the Rai, to have a 90º Minute in the early evening, or at 9.15 pm on Sunday, when the races of the second window of the day will end. And, in addition, also the possibility of spreading, always in the clear, a sort of expanded summary of a match, a bit like what happened before paid football was born, when the entire second half could be seen every Sunday afternoon of a match of the day. Wanting to condense everything, this is the agreement the Minister is working on Spadafora, along with all the broadcasters and licensees. It would be a framework agreement, which, in the plans, should satisfy everyone and which, above all, should make it possible to avoid regulatory intervention. And, if, as it seems, each piece finds its place, it will be made official within a few days.

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Spadafora spoke directly about it yesterday afternoon with the Sky delegation, formed by the CEO Ibarra and by the director of external and institutional relations Pugnalin, who came specifically to Rome. With all the other parties involved, however, telephone contacts continue and a decisive one is expected between today and tomorrow Dazn. In a note, the Ministry of Sport stressed how the meeting with the representatives of the pay-tv of Santa Giulia took place «In a positive atmosphere and maximum collaboration, in order to find a solution fully shared between the different parties and that can satisfy in the best possible way, at a particular time for the country, the great passion of sports lovers». Sky also confirmed the cordiality of the meeting, also giving its availability to complete the agreement. In Santa Giulia ‘s opinion, however, a fundamental passage of the League. It is up to Via Rosellini, in fact, to summarize the overall agreement, allowing Sky and Dazn to go beyond what is foreseen in their contracts, which evidently do not contemplate the transmission of a match in the clear. In this way, however, there would be no need for any regulatory intervention, which is what Spadafora wants.

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After yesterday, the hypothesis of della Goal in the clear: too many windows where games were distributed. For 2 or 3 rounds, therefore – it is still not clear, but they will still be the first after the resumption of the championship -, there will be a race visible to everyone. If it is among those of Sky, it will be broadcast by TV8. Otherwise, if it falls within the Dazn group, the streaming signal will be opened. In recent days, too Rai and Mediaset they had made a request to be able to spread that lot, noting that that type of rights had not been the subject of an acquisition on the market. It will not be so, but as stated the public television and the Biscione will obtain a clear reduction of the embargo for the transmission of highlights. In fact, for Rai it will be zeroed or almost, allowing the creation of a new version of 90º Minute: there will no longer be the need for the usual and long spoken introduction, but you can immediately give space to the images. On the other hand, if the diffusion of a game in the clear should last a maximum of a few days, the reduced embargo could instead be valid until the end of the championship.

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