the greeting that will drive De Martino crazy, who knows how much it grows – Libero Quotidiano


“Buen dia!”. That is, “good morning”. A greeting from Belen Rodriguez to all his followers on Instagram. A greeting that goes to accompany an author’s black and white, a photo that portrays her with a black T-shirt, denim shorts and ankle boots, in the center of a door with marble steps. Majestic door as it is majestic Belen Rodriguez: beautiful, unreachable, inaccessible, wonderful. And who knows what Stefano De Martino thinks about it, seeing that photo. Maybe think about what he’s lost. As is known, in fact, the couple has “broken out” (and in a bad way). It is not yet known, however, how it broke out: many rumors about betrayal of him and other indiscretions, fresher, on her “unconfessable secret”. So much so. In front of these photos the chatter is zero …

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