The “Green Flash” immortalized by Ragusa for NASA day


ragusa nasa

And of Marcella Giulia Pace, elementary school teacher of Ragusa and astrophotography, the astronomical photo chosen for the day from NASA. It is a truly amazing shot, which immortalize it “Green Flash” , a green ray, due to a refraction of sunlight through the atmosphere.

The shot depicts the green flash on Earth, on the Moon, and also on Mercury and Venus, taken respectively on March 18 from Marina di Ragusa, on May 8 from Modica, and on May 24, on the occasion of the conjunction of Venus and Mercury. On the site greenplagshphoto, the protagonist tells her work in detail.

ragusa nasa

A new recognition for the teacher from Ragusa

“It is very difficult to capture a solar green ray, and even rarer is it to catch the lunar one”, said the astrophotography. Also the other two photos, namely those of Venus and Mercury, I’m shots difficult to achieve. “The Iblei coast, south east of Sicily, offers some of the best azimuth exposures for shooting at sunset, and these phenomena can be observed with less rarity than elsewhere”.

For Peace it is the third recognition he receives from NASA. “I am always happy to offer you my images of atmospheric and astronomical optical phenomena, because NASA’s teaching is in full harmony with the other aspect of my professional life at school”. Indeed, “I love trying to convey my love for observing what is unnoticed. My photos are shots of what is there for all to see, if only we stopped to observe the world around us, without too many distractions “, said the Peace.

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