The grandmother does not cook rice for dinner, the grandson kills the grandfather with a knife


She wanted eat rice but he is not satisfied so he kills his grandfather. Austin Smith, 22 years old, he stabbed his grandfather Stan Broadwood, 81, at their home in McLaren Vale, about 33 kilometers south of central Adelaide, Australia.Read also> 8 month pregnant woman found stabbed hanging from a tree: she was gone after a fight with her lover

According to the local press, it seems that the grandmother was preparing dinner when the grandson asked to prepare rice for him. However, when Ms. Marie replied that the 22-year-old was doing something else, he went on a rampage and a heated discussion began at home culminating with the young man who first stabbed his grandmother in the back and then pounced on his grandfather and killed him.

The alarm was given by the same lady, who after the first stab managed to escape and ask for help. When the rescue arrived on the spot, however, it was too late and the doctors could not help but ascertain the death. The grandmother was hospitalized in serious condition, while her grandson has been arrested and is now awaiting trial.

Last updated: Friday 12 June 2020, 12:11


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