The governor Fontana and the case of the lab coats provided by the company of his wife and brother-in-law: the Milan prosecutor opens an investigation


The Milan prosecutor has opened an investigation into the order of gowns which would have been entrusted to the company controlled by Andrea and Roberta Dini, brother-in-law and wife of the President of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana. This is learned from investigative sources.


Governor Fontana and the case of the supply of lab coats for Lombard doctors from the company of his wife and brother-in-law

The file, managed by the assistant prosecutor Maurizio Romanelli, is currently in the ’45 model’, that is, without hypothesis of crime or investigated. The story was told by the ‘Fatto Quotidiano’ which anticipated a reconstruction that will be aired tonight in the Report program and concerns the donation to the Region, through the Aria purchasing center, of a quantity of gowns and other personal protective equipment for a value € 513 thousand by the company Dama, attributable to Fontana’s wife and brother-in-law, which occurred in the midst of the Covid emergency.

Meanwhile, the opposition groups to the Lombardy Regional Council, in view of tomorrow’s session, ask that the governor report in the Chamber “on the press reports relating to the supply of medical devices and the possible conflict of interest”. The request was formalized with a letter to the president of the Lombard Assembly Alessandro Fermi.
“The undersigned Regional Councilors ask that the President of the Regional Council want to report to the Chamber on the actual development of the facts and we hope to dispel any shadow of doubt about the facts in question or / and to point out any errors or defaults that occurred during the events in question “reads the document, signed by Fabio Pizzul (Pd), Andrea Fiasconaro (M5S), Niccolò Carretta (Action), Patrizia Baffi (Italia Viva) and Michele Usuelli (+ Europe).

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