The golden advice of Burioni. Him: “Overexposed, enough TV”


Until January 20, the virologist type we imagined him as a laboratory rat, nerd and even a little unlucky. On the other hand, when we see him tanned on TV, with a very respectable hair and a ready joke on social media, something underneath annoys us. For this perhaps Roberto Burioni, virologist of San Raffaele, aroused the dislikes of a certain press that put him in the crosshairs and went to investigate his golden advice. Advice on how to space desks, comply with the sanitary rules from Covid, on how to spread employee entrances and distribute signs, indications on rules and hand sanitizers. In short, nothing striking, except that these indications have been paid, according to the weekly L’Espresso, up to 200 thousand euros and given to VIP companies of the caliber of Gucci, Marella, Tim and Snam «while researchers all over the world were bent over the slides to seek treatment and vaccines ».

The virologist does not reply, not even a word on social media. He only explains that for a while he decided to suspend his presence in newspapers and on TV, after the fuss that arose as a result of the host by Fabio Fazio and the over exposure of this period.

Returning to the consultancy services requested by companies, Burioni granted them (without breaking any law or code of ethics) together with Lifenet Healthcare, the srl “focused on outpatient and hospital activities” controlled through another company, Invin srl, by Nicola Bedin , former CEO of the San Raffaele hospital in the post-Don Verzè phase. Tim signed a contract with Lifenet for around 200 thousand euros, Snam for 150 thousand euros. “If inside Snam someone hypothesizes a possible conflict of interest (Bedin from consultant will become president of the company in a few days) – writes L’Espresso – Lifenet has signed a contract with similar values ​​also with Marelli, the multinational company specialized in products and systems for the automotive industry “.

Customers include Vibram and Aci Sport, Philip Morris and Tecnogym, Pellegrini, Imab Group and the Sapio Group. An income that is certainly not insignificant in exchange for protection from various potential risks, and an “added value” consisting of prevention strategies, new rules to maximize the effectiveness of the return to production, and suggestions for keeping the reputation intact company. Obviously Burioni does not deal with the commercial part and cash but with strictly scientific advice. In practice it does its job: to do science and to spread science. Paying taxes on what he earns. But this aspect is not liked, as if a scientist were to do everything as a volunteer, free of charge, even for a company.

Other VIP virologists such as Massimo Galli, an infectious disease specialist at the Sacco hospital in Milan, also lent their advice to companies such as Pirelli but with much much lower figures. So tolerated by public opinion.

And Burioni will also be the talking cricket of virology, he will also be omnipresent on TV. But shame we won’t see it for a while: one because it explains very well and in a simple way concepts that we wouldn’t even dream of.

And two because in this epidemic he “hit the spot” all. However, even his statements have been cut and misrepresented on social media in the name of a partisan antipathy that finds its crowning glory by rummaging in the infectious diseases portfolio.

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