The girlfriend invents the abuse, he stabs two friends. Find out the truth and kill yourself


A young man shot himself in the head after stabbing two friends accused of raping his girlfriend.

As the young man’s companion later revealed, the story of sexual abuse was completely made up.

According to reports from the Daily Star Online, Ruslan Lebedev, 26, stabbed Maxim Khabibullin, 17, and Alexander Rain, 16, after his girlfriend Anna claimed that both teenagers would force her to have sex with them.

The 17-year-old died of his injuries while the other boy is found admitted to intensive care in the hospital in Omsk, Russia.

The attacker’s girlfriend later confessed to having invented the whole story after Ruslan had told her how he had avenged her.

A gun was also found next to the body

The corpse of the boy was found on Wednesday in a local forest. A gun was also found next to the young man’s lifeless body.

According to local media reports, Anna told friends that she could never have thought of her boyfriend could do such a thing and that the two boys never abused her.

Law enforcement officers are trying to shed full light on the story, even if the pieces of the puzzle now all seem in place.

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