the ghost poll agitates the Democratic Party


A phantom poll to test five possible names of candidates for mayor of Rome in the 2021 elections, the internal discontent of those who knew nothing about it, the denial of the party that says it has not commissioned anyone, and the name of the MEP Massimiliano Smeriglio, right arm of Nicola Zingaretti former vice president of the Lazio region, which comes up surprisingly and which is the real news. So the hearts in the Democratic Party, Roman and beyond, are warming up in these hours. But let’s go in order.

It is known that the center-left is still a niche on the candidacies for the Capitol. Behind the facade declarations, however, there is turmoil. Carmelo Lopapa speaks of a telephone survey commissioned directly by Nicola Zingaretti’s secretary in an article published today in La Repubblica, the national edition. The aim of the survey is to test the approval of democratic voters on possible candidates for the Senatorial palace.

The first is that of Massimo Gualtieri, Minister of Economy in office, already winner against Maurizio Leo (center-right) in the Rome 1 college last March. Roberto Morassut, deputy, undersecretary for the environment, follows with a long experience in the Roman administration of the Veltroni era. And yet the minisindors Sabrina Alfonsi and Giovanni Caudo, I and III town hall.

Four papabili not entirely new names, who however knew absolutely nothing about the survey. Discontent and irritation leak from the staff. The calls in the morning chase each other and are not exactly conciliatory. Who wanted, requested and then distributed the survey without even notifying the interested parties? “It should be noted that the Democratic Party has never commissioned any survey on the subject” they write from the Nazarene in a press note. A denial that seems almost obliged to throw water on the fire.

But according to what was reconstructed by RomaToday, through reliable sources, some Pd voters have already received calls from the company in charge of the survey. Which exists, then, and it makes you feel bad. “It is probably the result of someone who is pathologically obsessed with polling manias, has money to spend and time to throw and illegally disguises himself behind the Democratic Party” he writes on Facebook with harsh tones Morassut.

Words that suggest that the reference is to the fifth name of the squad, the only one that makes the news because it has never been mentioned before. Massimiliano Smeriglio, right arm of Nicola Zingaretti, “movementist” soul of the left outside and inside the Palace, former vice president of the Lazio region until the election as MEP in 2019, recently joined the ranks of the Democratic Party after a long history that led him from Communist Refoundation to Sel.

Several times he has been accused of talking about the Democratic Party without being part of it, of exploiting the proximity to the current dem secretary to overrepresent the leftist component (with whom he has kept firm contacts) in the Roman center-left. Now that he is officially an exponent of the Nazarene, there are those who still digest him badly.

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Yet it could really fit into the race to the Capitol. Possible representative of that winning model of the left “enlarged” to movements and civic associations that has already proved successful in the municipalities regained in 2018. Montesacro and his Garbatella.

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