the games given away increased sales after the offer –


According to Tim Sweeney of Epic Games, aver given games onEpic Games Store made it Increase Sales, once the offer has ended. His statement, released in an interview with Gamespot, may seem paradoxical, but Sweeney explained it in a really convincing way.

Epic Games Store has been giving away games weekly since its foundation, including some very prestigious triple A games, such as GTA V, Civilization 6 and, currently, the collection of the first three Borderlands. However much more often titles have been given away indie, some of great value. According to Sweeney, it was mainly the latter who benefited from the gift policy: “Without knowing it, you wouldn’t have taken and bought a title like Satisfactory, but given it allowed you to discover a fantastic game. In this way people have discovered many beautiful games and this is good for video game developers. Most of the developers who launched their free titles on the Epic Games Store saw their sales on Steam and on consoles grow, thanks to the increased public awareness, so it was a really positive thing and it also brought tens of millions of new users to the ecosystem of Epic Games, a fantastic thing for the company.

Sweeney also explained that he wants to bring the Epic Games Store on iOS is Android in the future, but did not specify when.

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