The fishing boat “Nuova Iside” found, sunk in May


The long search for the fishing boat “Nuova Iside” – which disappeared in the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea on the night between 12 and 13 May – has borne fruit: it was identified by the Navy around 1400 meters deep. The wreckage of the boat was found by the minesweeper “Numana” thanks to sophisticated instruments (innovative hi-tech sensors). The fishing vessel is located at a distance slightly above thirty miles from the coast, in the waters that bathe the Palermitano. Military experts aboard the “Numana” are certain of the finding since they were able to verify the name “Nuova Isis” written on one side boat. The divers and raiders command has used a wire-guided vehicle that has created images that can be useful for the dynamic reconstruction of the sinking of the fishing boat.

The disappearance of the boat with three people on board had immediately become a national case. The bodies of Matteo Lo Iacono (53 years old) and his nephew Giuseppe Lo Iacono (33 years old) were found. No news, however, emerges about the twenty-seven year old Vito Lo Iacono (son of Matteo, who was driving the crew).
The fishing boat had left the port of Terrasini and he sailed between the waters of Trapanese and those of Palermitano before no longer giving any signal. Now the discovery of the boat about 30 miles north of Palermo is a new step forward in the reconstruction of the complex and delicate story. On which there is one judicial inquiry in progress which sees four people registered in the register of suspects, including the commander of the oil tanker “Vulcanello” and the manager of the company “Augustadue”.

According to investigations by the Palermo prosecutor’s office, in particular from the analysis of the radar track, the “Vulcanello” tanker would have been on the same route as the fishing vessel “New Isis”. To better understand what happened, it is necessary to wait for the results of the unrepeatable technical assessment carried out by the Carabinieri’s Ris on the tanker (in a state of kidnapping) which is moored in Augusta. Certainly even today’s images made by the Navy will have their importance in resolving the yellow of the sinking of the “Nuova Iside” fishing boat. The hypotheses of crime investigated by the Palermo prosecutor are manslaughter and distress omission. The research of the boat presented particular difficulties both for the depth of the seabed and for the presence of strong sea currents. They also recorded theuncertainty of the sinking position and the bad weather conditions.

June 19, 2020 (change June 19, 2020 | 9:28 PM)


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