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MARKET WORD – At the end of 2019 the industrial plan of theAlfa Romeo has changed: models such as the heir of the Giulietta, the 6C, the GTV and the luxury SUV have been canceled (here to know more). At the end of 2020, when the production of the Giulietta will be stopped (here the news), the Alfa Romeo will be found with only two models, the Giulia and the Stelvio. The new one will arrive from 2021 Tonal, a compact size SUV that will have a plug-in hybrid version (the platform will be common with the Jeep Compass). But there is another model planned for a year later, in 2022. It is a crossover, even smaller than the Tonale (in jargon B-suv), which will also be available in a pure electric version. The new model will rival cars like DS3 Crossback and Peugeot 2008.

CURED SOUND – So far the existence of the new B-suv it was sanctioned only by the revised and corrected business plan released last October, but now new rumors are coming to confirm its development. Indeed, the magazine Autocar has one of its sources was consulted within Alfa Romeo, which confirmed lines and shapes in the name of sportiness, as per tradition, but well differentiated in keeping with the Tonale and Stelvio, in order to address a younger and more clientele type. dynamic. This new model will have driving skills in line with tradition of the brand and will be available not only with thermal engines, but also with the electric one, whose sound will be created specifically and will help to emphasize the driving sensations. The crossover, therefore, will not emit the little emotional hiss that distinguishes electric cars.

WHICH FLOOR? – La B-suv dell ‘Alfa Romeo, according to rumors, it will be part of a real family, because the same platform and related mechanics will also be used for as many future crossovers of the Fiat, Jeep and Lancia brands. It remains to be seen on which platform they will be built: in light of the next merger with the PSA, a plausible hypothesis is that it may be the EMP1 platform (also known as CMP), already used by various models of the French group (such as DS3 Crossback and Peugeot 2008) and also available in a fully electric version.

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