the farewell of his father to Silvia, the 19 year old who died in Lake Garda


“Silvia, not being able to hold you anymore and not being able to talk to you anymore will be my Everest”, is it heartbreaking farewell message with whom Luca Doriguzzi Zordanin wanted to greet his daughter for the last time Silvia, the 19-year-old girl who tragically died in Lake Garda after a dip with which turned an evening with friends into tragedy. A farewell to the young daughter collected in a public letter distributed via social media through the group of Alpine and Speleological Rescue Veneto of which man is part. A letter full of pain, the suffering that only a parent who loses a child can experience. “Silvia mia, my life, I want to write these words because I owe you as a dad” reads the poignant letter written by the rescuer Csas for his missing daughter

“We went through difficult times together with you, alone with our feelings and our intimate chores to attend to. When you were still at an early age and I took you to your mom after the weekend spent with me you greeted me with your little hand and with big eyes you smiled at me as if to say: “Dad, don’t worry, we’ll see you soon”. I lived to be able to only see you and to feel your perfume; then slowly you grew up and I was able to share with you also other aspects of your character “wrote the man in the letter, remembering:” One thing above all is that, compared to other children of your age, I saw that you never made any claims, no “Do you take this game” or “I like that”, “I want … ..”, so much so that I took you to the toy stores and I had to almost convince you to get something. In those years I wondered what was the reason for this difference. You have always been serene, humble and with few pretensions; in fact, all you needed was a party in a cabin with your grandparents to make everything more extraordinary. This simplicity of yours has given me so much as a man and I want to say that you taught it to me… .. you don’t need Ferraris, you don’t need great gifts to be happy. “

“Thinking now of the memories of the past I have a particular episode: one night you were at home with me I received a call for help. I woke you up in the middle of the night and I took you to my grandmother; all in a hurry, all a commotion to take the backpack and put on my boots, I collected you from the bed to take you downstairs to the bed you had at your grandparents’ house. You were crying because you understood that there was tension in me for the imminent intervention and you asked me: ” Dad, why do you leave me running so fast? “, And I replied that I had to go because someone needed me. And your answer was:” I understand, I’m fine and now go, when you come back we’ll be together ” he still remembered the man, concluding: “Your altruism was distinguished from an early age and I will miss this most of all; your knowing how to evaluate things as a mature person from an early age and even more when you are grown up; always selfless and with a comfortable presence in every situation. My baby, not being able to hold you anymore and not being able to talk to you anymore will be my Everest but in my heart I know you are there, you are here with me every moment and I know that you will guide me along the right path; I feel you around every second, I smell your perfume everywhere. Silvia you are my life. Your dad. “

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