The Electronic Identity Card is now integrated in iOS: the iPhone app is available


After arriving on Android, thefree official CIEid application linked to the Electronic Identity Card it is also available on the iOS App Store. The download can be made from the store of the Colossus of Cupertino and is compatible with all iPhone models that have the NFC module.

CIEid allows those who have the new electronic identity card to easy and totally secure access to all online services of the Public Administration.

The development was entrusted to the State Mint Polygraphic Institute, which in a widespread note explained that “in this way it is extended to all 15 million citizens who already own a CIE the possibility to safely authenticate to the digital services of public administrations“.

The CEO Paolo Aielli, on behalf of the Institute, said he was proud of “contribute to the digital transformation of the Public Administration, every day more, by assisting the Ministry of the Interior in the production of a cutting-edge document in the European context“.

A few weeks after the launch of the IO app for the Public Administration and above all the publication of the Immuni app for the contact tracing of the Coronavirus, the list of official applications of the Italian Government is further extended, which for some years has already been aiming in an important way on electronic services to digitize our country.

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