The economy app flies to Apple: turnover of 519 billion only in 2019


Digital services
The sales and payments associated with digital goods and services have generated $ 61 billion; this category includes apps for streaming music and videos, fitness and education, ebooks and audiobooks, newspapers and magazines, and dating services.

The games, i.e. the type of app most downloaded in 2019, were the main source of payments and sales in this category. Notable games from 2019 include “Mario Kart Tour”, which was the most downloaded in 2019, and “Sky: Children of the Light” from independent thatgamecompany, which was named iPhone Game of the Year by Apple .

Sales from in-app advertisements total $ 45 billion, and the 44% comes from games. Apps other than games that generate substantial in-app advertising sales are often free, such as Twitter and Pinterest, but also include apps that offer access to content through in-app purchases, such as The New York Times and Dazn.

Will it be a different 2020?
The study also revealed some new trends imposed by the pandemic. Following the physical spacing rules imposed by Covid-19, people have changed their lifestyle and spend more time using their mobile devices.

Social apps allow friends and family to stay in touch, while education and business collaboration apps help students and employees adapt to remote interactions. Food and grocery delivery apps have benefited from increased consumer demand; conversely, apps related to activities that have been restricted, or that require interaction in person, have experienced a sharp drop.

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