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Ten days. Ten thousand dogs and cats tortured and killed. An end carried out in a terrible way after having endured incredible sufferings crushed in tight cages, often after having faced long journeys in trucks and cruel violence. The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is all of this.

For several years, animal rights activists around the world have been calling for this hell on earth to end. Yet even this year, on the day of the summer solstice, it starts. The demons of the Chinese tradition take action, regardless of the frightened eyes of the animals who observe their fellow men stunned with sticks on the head and burns or boiled still alive.

But this year, more than ever, that hell is not only for dogs and cats. It goes well beyond animal rights battles or to “you eat pork and cow” talks in the West. The 2020 edition of this festival arrives in full Covid era, right from that China where it all began. Just from a gigantic wet market, wet market, where, just like in Yulin, no hygienic norms are respected. Where the animals are brought alive and killed on the spot. Where different types of blood mix. Where infections, bacteria and viruses find the fertile ground to spread, making that leap of species where man is, at the same time, executioner and victim.

Something that the Chinese central government has finally started to understand by imposing stakes: dogs and cats can no longer be eaten because they are raised from “livestock” to “pets”; the pangolin becomes the major victim of the illegal trade in animals to protected super species such as pandas; the ban on trading and consuming wildlife.

On paper everything is perfect, but the reality is unfortunately quite different because in China the “wet markets” are still widespread. In Yulin, most vendors are now concentrated in the suburban Nanchao market area, while the well-known Dongkou market, which was previously the epicenter of trade, is relatively empty. Perhaps an attempt by the authorities to try to carry out checks, which, however, without exemplary sanctions and punishments, could hardly have won it on a cruel tradition that today, more than ever, should not only interest animal lovers but every person who think about your health and public health.

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