“The Democratic Party does not play tricks on the Mes”


Someone says it in a low voice, without making himself heard too much by those who, like Alessandro Di Battista, have defined themselves as anti-establishment: “In the end we will vote yes to the Mes, we will approve the complete package of measures with Bei and Sure. But Zingaretti must not make jokes … “. Others say it openly, like Deputy Minister of Health Pierpaolo Sileri: “The money for the health service must also come from Europe. Twenty, twenty five billion. Do I like Mes? I like money for healthcare. ”

The 5Stelle governors move at a slow pace but move in the hope that Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte will manage to obtain a good result on the Recovery fund. But nobody goes down what, in these parts, is considered “a test of strength of the Democratic Party to break us”. As a demonstration that the opening of the dem secretary to dialogue with Silvio Berlusconi, also on the European Stability Mechanism if the votes of the allies were to be missed, is worrying and not a little the pentastellato.

In these hours, in chats, an important precedent resurfaces. Seven M5s MPs last April voted an anti-Mes agenda for the Fratelli d’Italia. These are Dalila Nesci, Raphael Raduzzi, Alvise Maniero, Pino Cabras, Andrea Vallascas, Antonio Lombardo and Giovanni Vianello. They continue to lead the dissent led by Di Battista. In the wake of the latter there are other irreducible ones, such as Barbara Lezzi or the former Minister of Health Giulia Grillo, according to whom “saying no to Mes means being consistent with the political line pursued by the Movement”.

Instead according to Giorgio Trizzino, Sicilian deputy and doctor, the Movement will eventually manage not to give the image of a fragmented party in the Chamber, but to do this it takes time and above all the mediation of Prime Minister Conte who will have to bring home a good result on the Rocovery fund, otherwise it will all be in vain. “Yes to any form of intervention that comes from Europe and that can be useful to fill the gaps in our health”, says Trizzino in an interview with La Repubblica: “The comparison of these days will allow us to understand if we can change an overall vision of the future and our goals. Moreover, the Mes is now something profoundly different from what it once was, we are talking about a different instrument from the original State saving fund “.

Even the President of the Chamber of Commerce’s European Affairs Committee, Sergio Battelli, pointed out that “the new Mes credit line provides very low interest rates, close to zero and is aimed at a real, real project that can be spent in the short term. But I – he underlines – point on the Recovery fund “. However, one thing does not exclude the other, the important thing for 5Stelle governors is to find ways to communicate it after years of anti-Europeanist battles.

A deputy with closed notebooks points out that the problem is political because, in reality, “the Mes, with these different rules than before, is much more shared than you think”. However, it is difficult to communicate it and make it digest to MEPs who, between messages and phone calls, do not hide their feeling almost betrayed by Roman MPs.

Fabio Massimo Castaldo defends his European colleagues who have been suspended for voting against Mes. Luigi Di Maio says neither yes nor no, he asks to concentrate on the Rocovery fund, preparatory to convince the most backward to activate the European Stability Mechanism. Still among the governors, Minister Fabiona Dadone is convinced that a synthesis will be found in the majority and within the Democratic Party. Provided that the Democratic Party does not make leaks forward in search of transverse majorities to divide the grills.

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