The Democratic Party: Conte has violated the agreements, now just carry the cross


Conte has violated the agreements and the Pd does not intend to be governed by Conte for dpcm. We can’t always be the ones who carry the cross, he says Zingaretti referring to the Prime Minister, and since Cyrene also had only two cheeks, the Democrats believe they have exhausted their dowry of penultimatum.

true, there is the problem of too many files opened as postponed checks: there is the ex Ilva, Highways, there Alitalia and the rest tip. But the real breaking point is the method what Palazzo Chigi has disregarded. Not a trivial matter: a fact of power.

The agreement entered into when the yellow – red alliance was born provided that all decisions passed through the filter of the delegation heads to the government. With the Covid emergency, Conte took over centralize every choice and the wall between him and his allies became at some physical point because of that mountain of surveys of which he surrounds himself on his desk and who have turned into a mirror in which to look, to be told by the numbers that no one is stronger than him in the realm.

So in the Democratic Party mounted towards the premier the bad mood, which according to a growing minister. Of course, for the dem attempting the path of the crisis would mean exposing themselves to the risk of a double whammy: if they could not manage the passage and the voting window opened in 2021, they could lose the electoral game and together the choice of the next tenant at Colle . But if the prime minister relies on this to resist Palazzo Chigi, the move by Franceschini the day before yesterday in the Council of Ministers it was like accepting the gauntlet. Asking the government to speed up the modification of the security decree, the culture owner actually asked Count 2 to renounce what Count 1 did, offering to Di Maio the opportunity he was waiting for, tired as he was carrying on his shoulders the weight of the gestation chair on which the premier had sat for two years. The foreign owner was looking forward to it, if true that di Giuseppi – textual – I really broke up.

The operation was packaged by Franceschini in a heinous way: With the increase in landings – he explained candidly – our voters would not accept that we applied the rules written by Salvini. It will be up to Conte to try to mediate with the grillini.

Sooner or later foxes end up in fur, he reads in the Palace. And this time the democrats don’t accept wasted time, because – to put it with Delrio– with the postponement policy Conte is taking us to the rocks, causing the chaos in the Nazarene. The game to always unload the weight of the government cross for the Democratic Party must be stopped. Still the other day, for example, the sale of two military ships to Egypt had triggered the reaction of a party fringe in Parliament, due to the Regeni case remained unsolved, and had exposed the Minister of Defense. What’s this story? Guerini protested with Zingaretti: We had already sold twenty helicopters in Cairo and nobody had said anything …. Here, the Cyreneans ran out of cheeks. Toccher a Conte publicly explain the difference that passes between the necessary search for the truth for a crime remained without culprits and the delicate relations between countries.

A knot that twists to another knot, especially if the tangle concerns the powder keg of the Mediterranean and also includes the Libya. On which the Italian Parliament will have to speak in July. The refinancing of the agreements with the coastal state linked to a rewriting of the old memorandum, without which a piece of the left and of the five stars may not vote: In this case – says a member of the dem secretariat – the Senate would lack the numbers. Monday Di Maio wanting to Tripoli to find an agreement, then he will deliver the dossier to the premier, which will be added to the other dossiers. There are so many that to make room on their desk, Conte will perhaps have to get rid of the beloved polls.

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