the definitive confirmation, the betrayal of “close friends” under anonymity – Libero Quotidiano


Francesco Fredella

“I want to talk about motorcycles, sports, my job, not gossip”, so Andrea Iannone freezes everyone. And take a step back. The gossip no longer interests him, yet he had conquered thanks to the story with Belen Rodriguez the covers of the most important magazines. Now he doesn’t want to talk about it: past water. “I know that when I am in Milan I am hunted by paparazzi, but this is not my world,” continues the pilot in an interview with Today. Just a few days ago there was talk of a (casual) meeting between Belen and Iannone in a shop in the Milanese fashion district. An exchange of glances and nothing more. But the accounts don’t come back. The weekly Today he contacted some of Iannone’s friends. “They admit dinner with Belen, but underline the casual, innocent character. What is certain is that Iannone occupies a position that is now secluded, peripheral “, reads the pages of the magazine published by Cairo.

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