the data of the last week are the worst since the end of the lockdown


Less tampons but, for the first time since the end of the lockdown, more positive than the previous week. This was highlighted by the regional councilor of the Democratic Party, Samuele Astuti, who daily analyzes the data on the progress of the epidemic.

“The number of positive cases in the last seven days is 1,406, higher than that of the previous week which was 1,373, despite the fact that about 68,000 swabs were reported in the same period, which is the lowest value in the last seven weeks. We will see in the coming days – said Astuti – if it is an anomalous datum or if there is a turnaround. Certainly the lack of attention paid by the Lombard junta to the management of the Test and Tracking, two of the three T’s in the strategy to beat Covid, is still an unsolved problem and the data unfortunately confirm it “.

The latest data from the Region

The data of Thursday 11 June 2020 have been in chiaroscuro: still 252 new positives (percentage of swabs made of 1.9%) and 25 deaths in the Region. -1 person in intensive care while the less serious inpatients, fortunately, drop by -77 units. In Milan, unfortunately flat data: still 71 infections in the last 24 hours in the province and 34 in the city. 744, in Lombardy, is the total number of people healed or discharged.

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In the last few days the ratio between swabs and new positives has always stood at around 2%, except on Monday 8 June when a peak of 4.3% occurred. On the other hand, the numbers on ordinary hospitalizations and patients in intensive care, now below 100, were positive.

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