the curtain with Mara Venier


Funny curtain a Sunday In during the interview that Mara Venier did to Stefano De Martino, connected by Rai studios in Naples. The conductor of Made in South intervened on Domenica In to present the new edition of the comic show.Read also> Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez: on Sunday In the dancer disappoints fans on the reasons for the breakup

During the live connection, Stefano and Mara exchanged ironic jokes and comments and at one point, he rested his leg on the desk behind which he was sitting, showing a fake plaster on the foot. Hilarious the reaction of Aunt Mara, who really has her foot in plaster: “What is it ?! You really are shit! ” Then, realizing that she had used too colorful an expression live, the Rai leaders turned to him: “Fire me, now I have said it! So I stay at home. ” All seasoned by his unmistakable laughter. Obviously, Zia Mara then showed her appreciation for Stefano’s gag: “This is the irony that I like, not the naughty one”.

Photo: Kikapress / DarioSardonè
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