the countries of Brescia free from Coronavirus


Other ‘Covid-free’ municipalities are gradually added to the two ‘happy islands’, where the virus has never arrived (Irma and Magasa). These are countries – there are 27 in all – where no new cases have been recorded for 28 days: this is in fact the period established by the World Health Organization to define a virus-free area.

These are mostly countries with few inhabitants or isolated, but the list also includes Municipalities that in recent months had been particularly affected by the epidemic, such as Pavone Del Mella where, according to the data of the Civil Protection, for as many as 36 days new infections are registered. The toll therefore stands at 41 cases and 13 deaths.

Other countries in the Lower and West Bresciano – areas where the virus has hit hard – are also now ‘Covid-free’. The group includes: Bassano Bresciano, Corzano, Fiesse, Gambara, Longhena, Offlaga and Villachiara.

The record, however, belongs to Tremosine: the Garda municipality has not recorded new cases for 67 days and has remained stuck at 4 infections and two deaths. Zero cases, for more than 28 days, also in Gargnano, Moniga, Pozzolengo, Sirmione, Soiano del Lago and Tignale. Among the countries that have also made it: Brione, Ceto, Losine, Monte Isola, Mura, Muscoline, Pertica Bassa, Prevalle, Provaglio Val Sabbia, Saviore dell’Adamello, Vallio Terme and Zone.

Then there are Municipalities where the virus has circulated very little and the infections since the beginning of the epidemic are less than 4. The club – restricted – includes: Anfo, Capovalle, Anvil, Lavenone, Limone, Marmentino, Monno, Paisco Loveno, Pertica Alta and Valvestino.

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There are instead 96 Municipalities of Bresciano where new cases are still reported. But the numbers are still falling. In the last week, a total of 264 new infections were recorded, during the previous one there were 307, while the balance of the first week of May was 507 cases.

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