21:30 – The event ends here.

21:25 – The bulldozers and cranes arriving at the Franks are going away. The demonstration is winding down and going towards the end.

21:15 – First to talk with the cheering, then the speech to the people in purple and the emotion that does not hold back. This was the general manager of Fiorentina Joe Barone today present at the event. CLICK HERE TO READ ITS WORDS.

21:00 – The general manager of Fiorentina Joe Barone has arrived in these moments. And virtually Rocco Commisso is also present with the dg viola who called him for the occasion.

20.40 – The banner hanging outside the Franchi also appears, explaining the reason for the cranes that arrived at the stadium. The banner, below in the photo, shows the scene of a bulldozer that knocks down the curves of the Artemio Franchi Stadium. (READ HERE)

20:30 – The court has officially arrived at the Artemio Franchi Stadium. In the meantime, while the fans were heading towards the stadium, dozens of were coming one after another to the Franchi cranes and bulldozers (READ HERE).

20:10 – Now the fans are in the Piazza Libertà area and head towards the Franchi.

7:55 pm – The number of fans that will now be abundantly on the 1000 units increases.

7.50pm – Here we are, the fans have officially left! The event begins in the first part of the route.

7:40 pm – Preparations for departure continue with the estimated time of around 20:00. At that moment everyone should have arrived and the vehicles ready to go.

19:30 – The event has not yet officially started with the fans who have not yet started the path that will then take them to the Franks. Below videos and photos of scooters and machines lined up.

19:25 – The fans have not yet left the parking lot of the Coop in Ponte a Greve. A few minutes of delay due to the presence of many people who are continuing to arrive.

19:10 – The fans have not yet left. We await the arrival of other people while various banners appear among which one dedicated to Astori stands out

7:00 pm – More and more people and fans are continuing to show up, ready to leave for the event in favor of the new stadium.

It is the day of the event called by the purple fans, starting from the Curva Fiesole, going to the ATF but which also includes the ACCVC, for the stadium and against the idea of ​​”monument” with which the Franks was appealed during the past months. “We will be at the side of those who love Fiorentina and respect their fans, their history and their identity” the passage of the press release that seems clearly aimed at the club: “We want answers, we want the stadium, find a solution” to institutions.

There are already a few hundred fans who have met in the parking lot of the Coop of Ponte a Greve and who around 19 will move towards the Franchi stadium coloring the city and concluding the event right at the plant at the center of the discussions for several months now. part.


Fiorentina Supporters Event ️
Published by on Friday 19 June 2020



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