“The Coronavirus is gone,” says the virologist Capua


TORINO – Ilaria Capua, director of the One Health Center at the University of Florida, explains why Coronavirus is “clinically“Disappeared, as he claims Alberto Zangrillo of San Raffaele in Milan: “It is a pathogen that manifests itself differently according to different factors and the clinical manifestations are much more serious when there is no cure – the words of the specialist to the microphones of Rai 3, in the ‘Waiting for Words’ program – I think the whole system has actually improved. But, as an ex virologist, I tell you that when the virus is said to be weakened, this is not quite correct. The genome of the virus hasn’t changedso we can’t say this. Just as I can’t say he has become more aggressive“. According to Dr. Capua, there may not be a second wave of the Coronavirus epidemic in the fall: “This does not come from the sewers and it is not a divine curse, we are the second wave. The virus is circulating in Italy, it is doing it at low levels, but it is doing it. If the most fragile people continue to have certain behaviors and stay away from new infections, the second wave may not even be“.

Capua: “I am no longer a virologist”

At the end of his speech Ilaria Capua makes a clarification: “I am no longer a virologist, because I have not had a laboratory since 2012. I left my laboratory to follow Mario Monti in politics, then I was 3 and a half years in parliament and then I moved to the USA. Now I run a multidisciplinary center. I have been a virologist for many years “.


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