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Sudden surge of new cases driven by Lombardy, which alone collects almost 4 out of 5 infections. The new positives in 24 hours go from 177 to 518, of which 402 in Lombardy, where yesterday there were only 84. Stable the deaths that from 88 to 85. While the swabs were 65 thousand, 15 thousand more than yesterday. According to the experts of the Higher Institute of Health, the average times from contagion to the result of the swab have decreased in recent times from three to about two weeks, so the forecast is that if the reopenings of 18 May have pushed up the curve of contagions, some signs could already arrive from the bulletins of this weekend. It is early to say that the ascent has started again, but the data for the next few days will have to be analyzed very carefully. Fortunately, both hospitalizations in ordinary Covid wards (-239) and those in intensive care units (-15) continue to decline. A sign that the vast majority of new cases are asymptomatic or paucisymptomatic.

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Without the boom of Lombardy, the cases in Piedmont also rise, from 19 to 24.
There are 6 against 4 yesterday of the new cases of positivity to Coronavirus recorded in Veneto during the last 24 hours, for a total of 19,174 since the beginning of the epidemic. In South Tyrol, 953 swabs were carried out in the last 24 hours, one of which was positive while yesterday the autonomous province had not recorded cases. A patient who arrived from Innsbruck is now in intensive care in South Tyrol. The number of healed increases, there are no deaths. There are 9 positives, yesterday there were 11, the new cases registered in Lazio, 8 of these in the capital. Meanwhile, the serum-prevalence tests performed reached 80 thousand, which allowed to identify 154 asymptomatic positive swabs, while the circulation of the virus in the sample of the population at risk examined (health and law enforcement) was equal to 2 4.

Tenth day in a row in Umbria with no new Covid cases ascertained, 1,431, while in the last 24 hours there have been two new healed, 1,318 in all, which bring the currently positive to 37 (-2). Still the number of deaths remains at 76.

The new cases of Coronavirus in Puglia detected today are 5 against one yesterday, out of a total of 2,471 swabs processed. The deaths, however, are seven (5 in the province of Bari, 1 in the province of Foggia and 1 in the province of Lecce), although in the regional bulletin it is specified that some deaths have occurred in recent days.

On the ninth consecutive day without new coronavirus infections, Basilicata recorded another zero: that of hospitalized people. The regional task force announced this, specifying that yesterday the swabs analyzed were 389, all negative, and that the cases of contagion confirmed in the region are 16.

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