The consultancy scandal makes Ursula tremble: “You are jointly responsible”


Just on the days when Ursula von der Leyen is committed to finding a complicated European agreement on economic aid to be allocated to the member countries of the Eurozone, the president of the EU Commission has to deal with her past.

There report The opposition representatives, gathered in the Bundestag commission of inquiry into external defense consultations, overwhelmed von der Leyen. The German, in fact, would not only be jointly responsible the scandal related to external consultancy worth 155 million euros that the Ministry of Defense allegedly assumed during its direction from 2013 to 2019; would also get in the way investigations.

According to what reported by the weekly Die Zeit, for the Greens, the Left and the Liberal Democratic Party (Fdp), the “total de facto failure “ of the Ministry of Defense in the management of external consultancy it is not “only a problem at work level, but it is also attributable to von der Leyen“.

There commission of inquiry, established in January 2019 on the proposal of the opposition, has finished its work therefore divided. Yes, because while on June 9 the final report of the majority had acquitted von der Leyen, that of the opposition issued the opposite verdict.

Commission of inquiry divided

Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Christian Social Union (CSU) and German Social Democratic Party (SPD) have not formulated accusations direct political or legal claims against von der Leyen. For CDU, CSU and SpD, the then German defense minister was “always informed of decisive events“concerning the dicastery, but” land resolutions were often taken at the level of undersecretaries“.

They are therefore these officials those responsible for “all questionable decisions“hired on external consultancy, of which von der Leyen was”simply informed“.

However, for theoppositionthe then German defense minister had political responsibility for the procedures in his ministry. Furthermore, the same statements made by von der Leyen during the hearing at the commission of inquiry, last February, “they speak against“the President of the European Commission

In particular, although the Federal Court of Auditors had made it known scandal external defense advice, “von der Leyen has not developed a greater desire to clarify“the story, reads the opposition’s final report. On the contrary, the President of the European Commission”got in the way of the investigation“.

During the hearing at the Bundestag commission of inquiry, von der Leyen repeatedly admitted the mistakes in the assignment of external defense consultations, which according to the accusations are the result of nepotism and favoritism.

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