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The “no” of the center-right to the general states of the economy called by Giuseppe Conte? All thanks to Guido Crosetto. The hand of the founder of Fratelli d’Italia was revealed by Dagospia. “If the center-right will desert the general states, it is only because Giorgia Meloni, thanks to the advice of Guido Crosetto, has a more political flair than Salvini “, writes the Roberto D’Agostino website. For Dago the sense of reasoning of the FdI leader was the following:” Going to clause Conte, it weakens us from a political point of view ”.

But it does not end here, because the Meloni-Crosetto and Letta-Berlusconi axis is always working to create a liberal center-right for D’Agostino’s site. A clear message to populism by Matteo Salvini? This is not known. What is certain is that the regional ones are a real concern for the center-right, grappling with the candidates.

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