the clash is staged at the White House


Officially their cordial relationship. Not tight, but friendly. The reality, however, seems to be decidedly different. That love never broke out between Melania Trump is Ivanka Trumprespectively wife and first daughter of the American president Donald Trump, it is clear. Just look at them together in the photo. Or listen to what has been said for years before in New York and now in Washington, in the White House.

Melania Trump: the book of scandal

Today the United States of America has two First Ladies. An officer, Melania. An unofficial one, Ivanka, who acts as though she was the real one. This is what emerges from the book of the correspondent of Washington Post, Mary Jordan. The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump it is a book that has just been published that is making much discussion in the US

Because for the first time the myth of the former model at the mercy of Donald Trump’s arrogance is demolished. The portrait that Mary Jordan makes is very far from the public image that has accompanied the 50-year-old Melania Knauss so far. And an example is the relationship that binds her to her husband’s favorite daughter.

Princess Ivanka and the painting Melania

According to what the journalist writes, Ivanka, since her childhood, has always nicknamed her stepmother “the portrait”. Because, according to him, he spoke as much as a painting. That is, zero. For her part, however, Melania refers to the 38-year-old entrepreneur as “the princess”. Given the consideration that the father has always had for her.

Ivanka, in fact, has become one of the closest and most listened to advisers of the tycoon. So much so that it has gained a very wide power in the White House. Testified by several appearances that he made on behalf of his father. Like a real ambassador speaking on behalf of the President. Situations that have been highly criticized, because Ivanka does not hold any official role nor has she been elected to any office.

Ivanka Trump, Melania Trump

Donald Trump between his two women, Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump, in 2008. Photo Ap

But it is well known that she is the one whispering in the father’s ear. And he rewarded her by giving her enormous power and visibility. If it were for Ivanka, she would be the First lady. And, in fact, poses as such. Like when he tried to push through a change that would have been historic in the White House. That is, transforming the First Lady’s office, which has always been in the east wing of the house, into that of the First Family. In practice, formally placing itself on the same level as Melania.


Who really is Melania Trump?

The blitz, however, was not successful. Ivanka had tried it in the first months of her paternal presidency. When the consort had stayed in New York with her son Barron with the official excuse of making him finish the school year. Today, as Jordan reveals, we know that those first six months were devoted to negotiation through lawyers to re-discuss the premarital agreement between Melania and Donald Trump. Ultimately, the former Slovenian model wanted written certainty that her son would be treated like the other 3 half brothers, born from The Donald’s wedding with Ivana Trump. For the record, there is also Tiffany Trump, born during the marriage with the actress Marla Maples. But it seems that no one in the family ever takes it into consideration.

Melania Trump

And it is from here that what we said before emerges. The real Melania Trump is not what she appears. She is as ambitious and open-minded as her husband, for example. “They are both of the fighters for whom loyalty is priceless, and neither of them has many close friends. Their “solitary instincts” also characterize their marriage»Writes the journalist.

Aesthetic and political surgery

Melania, contrary to what has been believed so far, has always been in favor of her husband going on the field. Indeed, it encouraged him in his choice. And when the interceptions of his betrayals emerged, rather than the affront against his person as a wife and partner, what worried Melania was the possibility that such a scandal would make him lose the elections.

Even on a personal level, the reconstruction of Mary Jordan is opposed to the common belief. So much to report the testimonies of photographers who worked with Mrs. Trump and who swear to have seen the scars of cosmetic surgery. Always denied by the former model. Or again, the rumor about the 5 languages ​​spoken by the First Lady is, in fact, only a belief. He knows English and Slovenian. Maybe a few sentences in Italian, since he lived in Milan. But nothing more.


In short, Ivanka has not succeeded in her intent because she has a formidable opponent in front of her. Melania Trump, the only and true First lady of the United States.


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