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Sara Shaimi and Carlo Pietropoli today, Tuesday 9 June, will make their choice for men and women. Will they be as happy as Giovanna Abate, now happy alongside Sammy Hassan?

A new choice is ready to be made Men and women. Or rather two. In the episode aired today, Tuesday 9 June at 2.45 pm on Canale 5, too Sara Shaimi and Carlo Pietropoli, “Companions” of Throne (Classic) by Giovanna Abate, who yesterday made her choice, happily falling on Sammy Hassan, will therefore make their choice. The only one of the Classical Throne to have interrupted his path in the dating show of Maria De Filippi after the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic is lex gieffino Daniele Dal Moro, who reappeared a few days ago on social networks.

There will be no Daniele Dal Moro

Daniele Dal moro Big Brother

Daniele Dal Moro, former competitor of the Big Brother, has reappeared in recent days on social networks and this suggests that it will make no choice. In short, he has excluded himself from the throne. Or maybe it will come back directly in September. This is not yet known. Everything will depend on any agreements that the model and gieffino has with Maria De Filippi and the editorial staff of the program.

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Ginevra Mancini slips away from Carlo Pietropoli. Who is left?


Carlo Pietropolibefore the lockdown, he was particularly interested in two girls: Ginevra Mancini, which for several days was given as the choice of Pietropoli, but the former suitor he denied categorically on social networks, stressing angrily that I “left the program several months ago and my life went on”, and Cecilia Zagarrigo, which in fact has always attracted the tronista in a particular way. According to the latest rumors – a tweet from a girl who claims to know a friend of Carlo, who she would have confirmed by choice, even if the two “they cannot be seen until the choice is aired. I don’t know what the program wants to do. ” Here, therefore, would be Zagarrigo the choice of Carlo, who in the promos broadcast on Mediaset appears really agitated.

Did Sara choose Sonny Di Meo?


Sara Shaimi she came to the end of the program with two suitors, Sonny Di Meo and Giuseppe Nastasthe. Both, between ups and downs, showed her a certain interest, but the tronista has always shown a fondness for Di Meo, who according to the rumors reported by Vicolo delle News therefore Sara’s choice.


Nastasiinstead, he clearly made it clear on Instagram that he was not Shaimi’s choice. Yesterday evening he posted a video in which he wears a mask with the phrase “no words needed “, that is,” no words needed “.

Screen 2020-06-08 at 23.31.59

His followers’ comments are really explicit: “I’m sorry they chose Sammy and Sonny“.

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