The breathtaking photo that enchants Napoli fans on social media: sensational comments


Beautiful image shared by many Neapolitans: the San Paolo Stadium, Vesuvius and the sea. A painting that summarizes beauty.

An empty stadium, the St. Paul, ready to host the matches again Naples, although, unfortunately, initially without an audience. In the background the sea and the Vesuvius. A breathtaking image that contains so much, perhaps too much, beauty. On social media, in these hours a beautiful photo to which many are trying to give a title or description. There are those who speak of identity, some of belonging, some simply of origins. There is your own land, there is your passion, there is a city that has a great desire to shout its pride.

We offer you some of the most beautiful sentences: “As the great Peppino De Filippo said,” I said everything “, impossible to add anything else”, or “It’s my next tattoo, hoping it can be reproduced. Regardless, it’s an image from goose bumps …”. There are those who instead focus on natural beauty: “The giant in the background, our beloved volcano which is the father, the Gulf, which is the home of the water which is the mother: from the union, from the passion, we fans come out, loving children of Naples”.

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