The boy arrested for pushing a child from a balcony of Tate Modern in London has been sentenced to at least 15 years in prison


Jonty Bravery, the boy accused of attempted murder for pushing a child off the rooftop terrace of London’s Tate Modern, has been sentenced to at least 15 years in prison, although the judge who sentenced the sentence said he could «Never be freed».

Bravery, who is 18 and diagnosed with autism, admitted in December that he pushed the boy with the intention of killing him and ending up in the newspapers. The sentence came despite psychiatric experts suggesting the boy’s hospitalization in a sheltered hospital, but the London criminal court judge said that Bravery’s mental disorder does not justify his gesture and that the boy represents “a serious and persistent risk to the community “.

The accident occurred on August 4, 2019, when a child, who was at the museum with the family, had crashed from a panoramic balcony on the tenth floor and landed on a roof at the height of the fifth floor. The boy, of French nationality, had been hospitalized with serious injuries and permanent injuries.

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