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Sony’s Days of Play invaded the PlayStation Store this week: the promotion started in late May for games in physical format and now also arrives in the digital store, with even greater savings on some of the best PS4 titles. We have selected ten proposed works at a particularly advantageous cost, as always giving priority to deluxe editions, collections and collections, generally the most convenient as regards the quality / price ratio. You have until June 18th to fill the cart: as usual, we await your suggestions and advice for purchases in the space below dedicated to comments.

God of War Deluxe Digital Edition – 14.99 euros

Bargain price for the Sony Santa Monica Deluxe Edition of God of War, one of the most acclaimed and best-selling games in recent years. For only € 14.99 you will have access not only to the full title but also to various bonuses including the Death Vow armor set, the Guardian of Exile shield, digital comic and Dark Horse artbook and a dynamic theme.

God of War absolutely deserves a place of honor in your library and the opportunity to purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition at the lowest price of the standard version (normally sold for € 19.99) makes this download very attractive.

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FIFA 20 – 9.99 euros

FIFA 20 at the lowest price ever: never an Electronic Arts football game was sold at a cost of less than 19.99 euros but there is always a first time.

For 9.99 euros you can buy the most loved and sold football in Italy, plus EA Access subscribers will be entitled to an additional 15% discount on the already reduced price … impossible to ask for more, don’t you think?

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Marvel’s Spider-Man Game of the Year Edition – 24.99 euros

The digital standard edition costs 19.99 euros (same price as the physical version) but we suggest you invest a few more euros and aim for the much richer Game of the Year Edition.

This edition includes the full game and the DLC The City that Never Sleeps, divided into three acts called La Robbery, Contended Territories and Silver Lining, other bonuses such as skins, digital artbooks, avatars or a dynamic theme are absent. An offer absolutely noteworthy considering that the expansion alone has a price normally set at 9.99 euros.

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Days Gone Digital Deluxe Edition – 29.99 euros

Also in this case we point out an exclusive Sony in Digital Deluxe version, a package that obviously contains the full game, early access to the Wrench skill, three stray skins for the bike, a dynamic theme, artbook and digital soundtrack.

In short, all you need for explore Oregon in the company of Deacon St. John and his trusted horse on two wheels in what is in fact the new best selling PS4 exclusive of last year.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition – 34.99 euros

The Ultimate Edition is arguably the most complete edition of the Rockstar Games masterpiece, which features tons of bonuses and extra content. Among these we mention the additional missions for the story Bank Robbery and Hideout, the Pomellato Black English Thoroughbred, extra talisman and amulet, upgrades, money and additional discounts in addition to the Pistolero del Nuevo Paraiso costume.

There are also extras for Red Dead Online such as exclusive clothes, bonus on the ranks, Thoroughbred English Sauro Nero and access to the Survivors for the camp theme.

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Resident Evil Raccoon City Bundle – 59.99 euros

Two games for the price of one! This digital bundle includes the standard versions of Resident Evil 3 Remake (with the online multiplayer component Resident Evil REsistance) and Resident Evil 2 Remake, without any extra content.

The RE2 DLC must be purchased separately: the only flaw of an edition that would have been even more attractive in this way. Fortunately, however, this is not a material of fundamental importance for the plot but only aesthetic objects and extra weapons, welcome but certainly not indispensable bonuses.

Persona 5 Royal – from 44.99 euros

The reissue of Persona 5 offers many improvements over the original version, including a new narrative arc, new Persona e the complete Italian translation of all the texts on the screen. The game is now on offer on the PlayStation Store, with discounts involving all three editions on the market: the basic version of P5 Royal costs 44.99 euros, the Deluxe Edition 52.49 euros and finally the Ultimate Edition 74.99 euros.

But what exactly do they contain? The first only the game, the second adds the Kasumi Costume Bundle DLC with four different cosmetic objects and finally the Ultimate edition also includes four DLC called Kasumi Costume Bundle, Battle Bundle and Persona Bundle each containing costumes and other in-game objects.

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Metro Exodus Gold Edition – 25.99 euros

The Gold Edition of the 4A Games game includes in addition to the game the Season Pass which will give access to the two expansions The Two Colonels and Sam’s Story, which complete the story of Metro Exodus allowing you to live the complete experience of the adventure set in cold Russia.

A solid and certainly fascinating shooter, with which fans of the genre will certainly find bread for their teeth.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Ultimate Edition – 26.99 euros

The Ultimate Edition of Dragon Ball FighterZ it is discounted by almost 80% on the list price, decidedly tempting opportunity to buy one of the most acclaimed DB video games in recent years. Again the question is always the same: but what does this rich edition contain?

In addition to the full game you will have access to the FighterZ Pass Season 1 with eight new characters, the anime music pack and the commentator voice pack.

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Devil May Cry V – 19.99 euros

Devil May Cry made its return in 2019 with the highly anticipated fifth episode, a stylish action game acclaimed by audiences and critics and now offered at a discounted price in a bundle that it also includes 100,000 red spheres for use in the game.

Devil May Cry V is one of the most stylish and captivating titles of recent years, certainly not a revolutionary project but certainly an adventure that fans of the genre can certainly not miss.

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