The baptisms return to the Vatican – Chronicle


Beloved, Chiara Rosamaria she is the first child baptized in Vatican City State after the lockdown for the Covid-19 pandemic. On the afternoon of May 31, Sunday of Pentecost, the little girl, a year just completed, was baptized by Father Mario Millardi in the “parish of the Pope”, Sant’Anna dei Palafrenieri, the only one in the Vatican that provides pastoral activities.

“A ray of sunshine after so much pain for humanity”, say the parents, happy that their baby’s baptism symbolically marks the return to life after months of suspension of masses and rites. “We chose Sant’Anna – they explain – because it is a church open to universality being the only place of prayer within the Vatican walls which can be accessed from all over the world without permits”.

Only ten, in addition to the child, were the people present at the ceremony in the Renaissance church inaugurated in 1583, a choice also linked to the impossibility for relatives to travel to Rome from other regions due to the blockade foreseen by the Government in Phase 2 of the pandemic. Observe all the rules of social distancing foreseen by the protocols. Just in the morning Pope Francis had celebrated the first mass in San Pietro with the faithful in the square as had not happened for three months. “I am happy to be able to officiate the sacraments again. It is a sign – explains the parish priest of Sant’Anna – that life resumes, especially the Christian life”.

To make this first baptism even more special was Olen Cesari, an internationally acclaimed violinist and family friend, who underlined the highlights of the celebration by performing Schubert’s Ave Maria and his song ‘Love’. At the end of the ceremony, the parish priest handed over to the parents the blessing parchment of Pope Francis, before accompanying those present to the Grotto of Lourdes in the Vatican Gardens for a moment of prayer to the Madonna after Pope Francis’ Rosary, in the same place, on the day. before, at the end of the Marian month.


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