The ball boy who scored Djokovic: “Nole, you made my dream come true”


The little boy he dribbled with Djokovic and that closed the point with a dampened one not taken randomly among the ball boys of the Adria Tour. Indeed, in Serbia he is already a small star, even if he is only 11 years old.

Mihailo Topic he does them today and, as a gift, they catapulted the video of that point on sites all over the world, because it is not quite normal to see a boy so small but already so casual with a racket in his hand. When Viktor Troicki has invited him to play, did not get too excited, also because on the other side of the network there was a number one in the world who for years has known who the little Mihailo is, so much so as to be his sponsor. For confirmation, just take a ride on his Instagram profile, which already has almost 15 thousand followers. There are many photos with Djokovic – who gave him a towel from Roland Garros last year -: one of the last before the lockdown dates back to February 17, when Mihailo was awarded the Serbian Under 12 national championship.

Discovered by Marian Vajda, historical Djokovic coach, trains in the Novak Tennis Center in Belgrade, in the 14-field academy that bears his name: Noleobviously, like everyone else, he was impressed by the talent from the first meeting (when Mihailo was only eight years old), so much so finance its business, travel and equipment. An older brother, with whom Mihailo also trained several times, during Djokovic’s stay in Belgrade, in the presence of an Italian athletic trainer, Marco Panichi. The father Nenad, however, left his job as a mechanical engineer to follow the growth of his son. And I didn’t want him to play tennis, he confided some time ago to the local media.

Instagram, we said: that today’s kids know how to do with social history, but Mihailo’s profile (trained by former professional player Pavle Bulic, also paid by Nole) already managed by the staff who also deals with Djokovic’s communication. Videos, photos with many champions and champions of the circuit, even statements already as an adult: Nole and Viktor, I will be eternally grateful for this wonderful experience – he writes -. You made my dream come true. A short ball at number one in the world (with a lot of oooh stunned by the public) in fact does not happen every day.

June 16, 2020 (change June 16, 2020 | 6:14 pm)


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