The Ascent at 4K, 60 fps and HDR on Xbox Series X, the developers talk about the game –


The Ascent it was one of the most interesting games among those shown during the Inside Xbox on May Xbox Series X and today Neon Giant developers have returned to talk about it directly on the official Microsoft blog, also communicating how the game spins 4K, 60 fps and HDR active on the new console.

The Ascent looks like a sort of hack and slash with setting cyberpunk, which offers moments of exploration and management of the character in a manner similar to the RPGs in the style of Diablo but also a combat system almost like a twin stick shooter, considering the control system and the particular shot from above, semi-isometric.

Arcade Berg, creative director of The Ascent, has therefore said that he is particularly excited to bring the game to the Xbox Series X just for being part of an important thing, from a videludic point of view, such as the generational transition to a new platform. In particular, from a technical point of view, Berg stressed the possibility of using the ray tracing within the game, which creates very special effects such as light management and reflections that enrich the game world.

Neon Giant also said it was very positive about the system Smart Delivery, which allows players to have the game in different possible versions and automatically optimized for their platform. Also on the technical front, moreover, the achievement of 4K and 60 fps has allowed us to keep the game very fast and fluid, with a particularly immediate response to commands.

Finally, Berg reported that he found development on the Xbox Series X very easy, thanks also to the experience accumulated by Microsoft in the field of hardware and especially software design, in addition to the great capacity demonstrated by the Unreal Engine on the new console. Among the new features, the exploitation ofHDMI 2.1 it is an element that developers look at with particular interest, for the implementation of the refresh rate variable on the most modern TVs.

The Ascent will be an Xbox Series X launch game, apparently by Microsoft’s specific choice, with the game that was shown a few weeks ago in a video that could make us taste the next-gen again.

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