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A screen with a white background, stylized drawings and short messages with a clean design, a little Facebook style. This is how the Immuni app, after months of indiscretions and debates, finally takes shape on the screen of our smartphones. The application for tracking contagions from Covid-19 materialized yesterday evening before in the Google app store and a little later on Apple’s, free to download for anyone who owns an iPhone or a smartphone with Android operating system, therefore practically from all except, for now, for owners of Huawei P40 Lite, P40 Pro, Mate 30 Pro and Mate X mobile phones (on which, after the US restrictions on the Chinese company, Google services are not available). To download it, just type Immuni in the app store or go to the website. The important thing is to have the operating system updated to the latest version (Android 6 or iOS 13.5), but otherwise the app itself will report it and redirect us to the update page.

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Reopenings: arrivals from the North, slowdown on tests: «And only voluntary tracking»

If everyone can download it, at least until June 3 only those who live in Liguria, Marche, Abruzzo and Puglia can use it, since the initial testing phase will involve only these four regions.

Once Immuni is open, after the welcome screens, you can press on Let’s start: the program explains, in points, how user privacy is protected, specifying that the app does not collect names, surnames and dates of birth. The only data that is sent on the servers of the Ministry of Health are the province of domicile, if the app works correctly and if you are warned of a contact at risk. As previously explained by Bending Spoons, the company that developed it, Immuni associates each device with a random number, which remains anonymous and cannot be connected to identities: when approaching a distance less than one meter with another user who has the app active, via bluetooth (a proximity technology very different from gps, which instead allows you to geolocalize a device and track its movements) the mobile phone records it and marks it in the history of interactions. If a user among those we came into contact with is subsequently positive for the coronavirus, the app will notify us with a notification. However, the data remains saved only on the smartphone, therefore if the phone is lost or breaks, those data and the history of interactions are lost forever. In any case, all data will be automatically deleted on December 31, 2020. At the bottom of the privacy policy, the app asks to confirm that you are at least 14 years old. Only then can you press Next and access the screen asking the user in which region and in which province he is. This information can be changed later if you move elsewhere. Finally, to make Immuni active, it is sufficient to enable the notifications of exposure to Covid-19 (those that warn the user if he comes into contact with a positive person to the swab), which also require the authorization of the operating system.

All this is done with great simplicity, in two guided steps. After a couple of screens that remind you of the importance of protecting your smartphone with a pin and being careful of false information, Immuni will be active. All you have to do is continue to use the phone as always: the app works in the background, consuming very little battery and monitoring any contacts even when the phone is not connected to the network. You can deactivate it at any time by uninstalling it or deactivating bluetooth. Among the settings, by accessing the Loading data area, the number to be communicated to the health services operator appears in the event that the virus is positive: only in this way can the people with whom we have come into contact be notified, even if not they can go back to us. It’s a choice, like using the app, on a voluntary basis. But it is good to remember that Immuni is a collective tool: the less people use it, the less effective it is. Last updated: 07:48


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