“The 3.5 million euros? Venezuela wanted to invest in the sector of gazzosa” – Libero Quotidiano


A sharp and irreverent comment signed Vittorio Sgarbi on the case of the briefcase from Venezuela, on the 3.5 million euros that according to a Spanish investigation, in 2010, would have been delivered by the communist regime to the M5s. A story on which the art critic does not skimp on irony. So much so that, on Twitter, it chirps: “Maduro is simply a forward-looking one. With those 3.5 million euros he simply wanted to invest in the gazzosa sector. The parable of Luigi Di Maio abroad it is viewed successfully. “Obviously the reference to the past as a” bibitaro “of Di Maio’s San Paolo (a past he recently denied), even if Sgarbi runs into a small error: at the time of the alleged delivery of 3.5 million, in power was Hugo Chavez and not yet Maduro.

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