The 2021 Geneva Motor Show will not take place


No car event in Switzerland again next year. The organizers have decided to sell the show to the managers of the Geneva fair

No Geneva Motor Show even in 2021. The decision had been in the air for several days. After the cancellation of the 2020 edition due to the coronavirus pandemic (it should have been the 90th) now the official announcement that the show will not take place in 2021 also arrives. The dates had already been announced: 4-14 March 2021 but, as said, nothing will be done. The board of directors of the International Motor Show Foundation, i.e. the organizers, came to this decision after a survey of exhibitors carried out in the previous weeks. The result of the research was that most of the car manufacturers and other habitual participants surveyed replied that they probably would not have taken part in a possible 2021 edition and that they would have preferred to be present at the 2022 edition. “In addition – they explain from the Foundation – we are far from the certainty of being able to organize an event that attracts more than 600 thousand people in the current health situation next spring “.

The loan issue

Uncertainty over the number of participants in 2021 is combined with a financial issue. In fact, immediately after the cancellation of the 2020 edition (which took place on February 28 and with the start of the event scheduled for March 5), the Foundation of the show requested financial support from the canton of Geneva to cover the losses suffered with the cancellation that they have been estimated in the order of 11 million Swiss francs, around 10.3 million euros. At the beginning of June, the Cantonal Grand Council approved a loan of 16.8 million francs, 15.7 million euros. The loan, however, provided for various conditions such as the repayment of one million francs in June 2021 “before having the possibility of generating additional funds”. In addition, the Foundation considered it unacceptable that one of the terms of the loan was the organization of an event in 2021. For these reasons, the loan was not accepted on 26 June. The conditions required by the canton also include the transfer of the knowhow. The organizers therefore decided to sell the show to Palaexpo SA, the company that manages the Geneva fair. or the venue of the event. “The purchase of the business will transfer all organizational rights to Palexpo” reads the press release. The goal of this change of hand, the Foundation always explains in its note, is to ensure “the regular organization of a car show in Geneva”. The organizers also mentioned that the impact on the canton is around 200 million francs per year.

the salons crisis

The crisis in which the coronavirus pandemic has thrown the automotive sector is evidenced by the cancellation of the salons even if it must be added that the system of the great kermesse had been in trouble for some time and had recorded defections of big brands at each show for at least a couple of years . Then came Covid-19. In 2020, not only did Geneva have to capitulate but the kermesses were not held in New York, Beijing, Detroit. The Paris Motor Show has also been canceled, while the Frankfurt Motor Show, which runs biennially like the transalpine one, will not take place in 2021 in the historic venue, the immense fair, but will move to another city.

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