The 2019 European elections used as a gym for trolls ahead of the American elections


“America’s far-right online activists have found a playground abroad.” Thus begins, in a clear way, the Politico article that reconstructs how the 2019 European elections were used as a gigantic gym of disinformation and alteration of the political and electoral debate by pro Trump activists. According to the American newspaper “Their goal was to test tactics for the 2020 U.S. presidential race in the Old World“. The way they did it is always the same: infiltrate social discussions, with artfully created posts to ignite the debate, unleash mutual contempt and resentment and move voters to extremes.

The purpose of the white American supremacist trolls active in Europe, however, was not really to influence the vote in the EU (after all, they are supremacists and therefore have no interest in what happens outside their borders) but just do the general rehearsals to understand how to influence the American vote (even with the help of foreign trolls). “In giving impetus to a populist European candidate or in making sure that one particular hashtag on social media, follow the trends in view of the elections – continues Politico – US activists have tried to kick off European debates and political divisions to create online propaganda to strengthen their worldview for voters in the United States “.

The idea is therefore always the same, from Roman times: “Divide et impera”, Creates a world confused and torn by divisions, conflicts, crossed grudges and then offer to govern and pacify it. The idea (from Russia to America via China) is always the same. And in November we will find out how much it really works.

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