That’s who Carboni is, the golden baby of Cagliari


For Zenga “he is already from the first team”, he, who has the Ninja as an idol, in addition to his first appearances in Serie A and a great match against Turin he also had to take the high school exam

“Carboni? For me he is already one of the first team “. Signed Walter Zenga. Since his first day in Cagliari, Spider-Man has been pleasantly surprised by the boy from Tonara, the same town as Marco Sau, who has arrived from the Rossoblù Spring. And the debut as a starter against Torino at the Sardinia Arena, after making his Serie A debut in the previous match against Spal, proved the Milanese coach right. Strong head, excellent sense of advance and practically no smudging given the emotion of the first time. These are the characteristics shown by the 2001 class against grenades. Andrea Carboni seems ready to build, together with the 2000 Polish Walukiewicz, the defensive line of Cagliari of the future. Despite the absence of Klavan and Pisacane due to injury, after the trial against Toro, Zenga sleeps more peacefully.

The stages

Carbo, as all his Primavera teammates call him, is the second youngest central defender to play as a starter in this league. Better than him only Andrea Papetti, 2002 from Brescia. And to think that as a child he could also have taken another path given the excellent results at regional level with Ju-jitsu. Appearance that helps him a lot in one-on-one interventions. But then the family passion for football prevailed. To bring it to Cagliari from an early age was Gianfranco Matteoli. A match in one of the many summer tournaments was enough for the former Inter and Cagliari to understand that in that tallest boy of all there was potential. First the move to the Rossoblu Academy of Arborea and then the definitive jump with Cagliari from the Under 16. Where he always played in tandem with Salvatore Boccia, also the 2001 central defender of Primavera, on the bench with Torino. Together the two have kept inviolate the door of Cagliari Primavera in season in 7 of the 20 games played before the stop, with the rossoblù second in the standings.

His idols

To help Carboni in the jump between the greats that Max Canzi, first manager of Spring and now second of Walter Zenga. But no performance anxiety, brother Antonio says: “He called us when he learned to play against the Taurus but he was calm and slept peacefully”. Maybe Carboni slept less the day before the high school exam, which he faced just a few days ago. Those who have known him in Asseminello in recent years say that his most important characteristic is humility, and Zenga himself remarked it: “I like boys like Carboni because they listen and know how to make themselves available”. It is normal to be used to the spirit of sacrifice when you grow up in a large family that runs a hotel and from an early age you help relatives with chores. And “steal” some culurgiones and grandma’s ravioli. Still today among his favorite dishes. His idol is Van Dijk but in Cagliari the superhero since he was a child is Radja Nainggolan. Until a few years ago, when he acted as a ball boy, he could approach him just for a selfie while against Torino he managed to play it together, also receiving compliments from the Ninja.

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