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iliad he entered the world of Italian telephony two years ago, amid perplexity and great expectation from professionals and the public. The operator – and the numbers are a testament to this – immediately attracted a large audience of users and, thanks to its low cost promotions, today it represents a great reality like TIM, WindTre and Vodafone.

Iliad, the real surprise is 5G: the release between late 2020 and early 2021

If up to now, the transalpine provider has highlighted almost exclusively for its very aggressive commercial strategy, for the medium-term future the plans are different. One of the operator’s objectives is in fact to guarantee more and more services to his customers.

The turning point will undoubtedly be none 5G. Iliad is investing a lot of economic resources in the development of this technology and is already building the necessary infrastructures in the area to offer users the new generation internet lines. Although slightly behind other telephone companies, the times that divide Iliad customers from release of 5G are less and less.

The latest rumors, based on the state of play, say that a first roll out of Iliad’s 5G could already take place within the end of this year. As usual, at first, Iliad will bring the new internet networks to the most populated capital cities of the country. Between 2021 and 2022, however, it will become reality homogeneous coverage of the territory and most subscribers will benefit from the new internet lines.

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