That is why the Milan stock exchange took off today


In Piazza Affari the banks are reviewed and this can only be good news. The other good news is that the Milan stock exchange closed the first session of the week with a good rise. Thanks to the banks and the upward opening of Wall Street, which allowed the Milanese list to close better than the Old Continent Squares. That is why the Milan stock exchange took off today.

Wall Street continues to lay down the law

To see the final result of the index Ftse Mib (INDEX-FTSEMIB), a 1.7% gain, one might think it was a session without many stories. In reality, the price trend was uncertain until around 15.30, when it was understood that the US stock market would open higher. And so it was. But until then the maximum rise in the Italian blue chip index had not exceeded 0.8%. It was important that the Ftse Mib index closed well to keep intact the chances of an attack at 20 thousand points in the next sessions.

Today once again Piazza Affari has shown a certain resilience. Prices show some resistance to the descent, but they cannot find the cue to go up. Because there are no purchases. And right now the major purchases come mainly from American investors. Without them, the European stock exchanges do not go up.

That is why the Milan stock exchange took off today

Once again, it has been shown that the weight of the performance of the United States Stock Exchange is currently predominant on the Milanese list. But it was also understood that without the contribution of bank securities, there is no possibility for the Ftse Mib index to climb the top of the 25 thousand points. A goal not too ambitious, but that without bank purchases would be impossible. And purchases on Italian bank stocks come mainly from US investors.

It is no coincidence that today the top 3 best stocks among the blue chips were banking. Banco BPM gained 6%. Mediobanca rose 4.4%. Unicredit gained 4.4%

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