That catwalk out of place by Salvini on the bridge


The good news is that the Genoa-San Giorgio bridge, ex Morandi, is almost finished. In about a month, it will be inaugurated with the authorities and finally open to traffic. Hopefully in a sober celebration, without too many glitter and fanfare, as befits the character of the Genoese and the respect due to the families of the victims. The bad news is politics, which makes no scruple about anything and uses anything to fuel the election campaign.If you already had to turn up your nose for the crossing of the bridge by Pietro Salini, managing director of Webuild (which at least has the exemption of having built it in record time and without accidents), the electoral catwalk and its rally offered by the governor seems decidedly out of place Toti, by the mayor Bucci and from the construction company to the leader of the League Matteo Salvini. That video shot over the bridge, with the red helmet, the bib of “Webuild“, the Italian flag and the attacks on the CGIL, Salvini frankly could have spared it.

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The San Giorgio bridge belongs to all the Genoese and, let’s say it in a low voice, to all the Italians: right, center and left. Also out of respect for those 43 victims, he should be protected from political speculation. Let it be inaugurated by the President of the Republic, Renzo Piano and the workers who built it, let’s avoid that even this beautiful thing ends up in the cesspool of our resentments.

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