“Thanks Trump, you are the wolf we needed to really fight racism”


On the Guardian the open letter to the US President of a former black Premier player: “My American daughters ask me why you hate black people”

Liam Rosenior is a former English defender, who retired in 2018. A career between Fulham, Reading, Hull City and Brighton. It is black. He has American city daughters. And he wrote an open letter to Trump in the Guardian, “thanking” the President of the United States for finally giving people “a tangible and symbolic enemy against which people can finally fight” to truly change a deeply racist world. Before him, Rosenior writes, we limited ourselves to peaceful protests and a few clicks on social media.

Dear President Trump, I understand that this is an extremely busy time for you between the game of golf and tweets, but I hope you can be stimulated by a rare and welcome thank you letter from a black man, in such an uncomfortable moment in the history of the United States of America.

While all those “animals” rebel and plunder on the street for something as petty and insignificant as justice and equality of human rights for blacks, and which, for some ridiculous reason, seem so angry at the police “who does the his job ”by applying a little too much physical pressure to arrest yet another black citizen, who later died in his custody. I realized that nobody thanked you for the wonderful job you are doing.

Keep it up!

I am sure that a man of vast intellect like you may think that there is a hint of sarcasm in my speech, but I can assure you that my gratitude is genuine, because you have unknowingly become the most influential President of the United States in the history of that great country , for all the wrong reasons.

Thank you for being so open and frank in your evil attitude, and in the lack of care for the black population you govern.

Thank you for not going along with the “politically correct” and even pretending to feel empathy towards someone who doesn’t look like you, or to share your outdated, shameful and disturbing opinions about society.

Thanks for showing us that anyone can become president (even you!). And showing us the way forward (involuntarily), inspiring us to instigate lasting changes, not just a peaceful protest supported by empty support clicks on social media. This is just the beginning. I promise you.

Thank you for putting the spotlight on people all over the world who were unfortunately unaware of your country and the state it has been in for hundreds of years, and for abandoning the racist, hateful, bigoted and violent people who not only voted for but they have kept the cultural key of an unjust society and a system, corrupt and fundamentally prejudiced by the conception of the United States, built on the genocide of Native Americans and on the slavery and imprisonment of millions of black people.

Thank you for giving us a tangible and symbolic enemy (yourself and your Make America Great Again supporters) against which people now have the fuel to organize, strategize and mobilize a lasting movement and process to change our planet forever.

These problems have been here for all my life and for generations before me, and as a black man my greatest pain, anguish and despondency came not only by witnessing these atrocities committed repeatedly against my people, but above all by the lack of shock and vivid desensitization accumulated over the years listening (and unfortunately believing) that “things will not change”.

Before you, we had presidents who had turned a blind eye, who had not done enough and were too busy working to satisfy the wishes of the corrupt corporations that had pushed them into power. The difference is that they were media experts and intelligent enough to say the right thing in public and show feigned empathy in response to these human rights abuses to keep up a growing number of people who intrinsically knew there had to be changes.

Through your sincere hatred, indifference and contempt for a people subjugated by physical, economic, mental and emotional abuse for over 400 years, you have unwittingly created a movement in which a growing number of people of all beliefs and colors throughout the world is discussing, and discussing the most constructive way to fight together. Now we understand that we must fight this injustice systemically; protests are not enough.

You are the wolf in disguise as a wolf that we have needed for years, better than your predecessors who presented themselves as sheep.

You are the reason why my daughters – who are US citizens – ask me, “Why does the president hate black people?”

You are the catalyst for our future generations, to have a lasting impact not only on your corrupt country, but also in all countries of the world, including here in the United Kingdom. You really reflect the opinions and ideology of a group of people that we have to fight and we will fight.

For this, Mr President, I thank you sincerely.

Liam Rosenior

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