Thanks to Night Vision you can see in the dark with the camera of Samsung Galaxy S20 + / Note 10+ / S10 5G (photo)


Some top of the range launched in the last year are equipped with a particular sensor called ToF (in full: Time of Flight). This sensor is also called “flight time” because it is able to measure the distance in space through the time that a light pulse takes to travel the path from the camera to the object and back. The smartphones that are equipped with it usually use it to enhance the facial recognition system, but its potential can also be used for more interesting purposes.

For some time now the Night Vision / ToF Viewer app has been allowing create virtual 3D models or enable night vision on certain Huawei and Honor phones. The app developer has worked hard lately to bring the same functions to other devices and thanks to the update to Android 10 and ONE UI 2.0 has managed to offer night view also on the latest top of the Samsung range.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S20 +, Galaxy Note 10+ or ​​Galaxy S10 5G you can download the application directly from the Play Store and activate the curious mode without the need for modding or ADB commands. However, there is a limitation (not a little): the images created by the ToF sensor are in low resolution i.e. 320 x 240 pixels on the latest Galaxy S20 + / Note 10+ and only 240 x 180 pixels on the Galaxy S10 5G. At the moment, however, this solution, however limited it seems, is the best available.

UpdateJune 5, 2020, 8:00 am

We update the article with the list of supported devices and maximum resolution:

  • Honor View 20: 240 × 180 pixels
  • Huawei P30 Pro: 240 × 180 pixels
  • LG V60: 240 × 180 pixels
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 5G: 240 × 180 pixels
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 +: 320 × 240 pixels
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10+: 320 × 240 pixels

We have also added a short video that gives an idea of ​​what the films shot in this way look like.

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