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Ten minutes, to carry on Inter, to leave a mark, to send a message: no to racism, in any form. Romelu Lukaku is not only a great striker, he is a man with values. Who knows how important football is to raising awareness. After the goal that sparked the challenge with Sampdoria, he knelt down and raised his fist to heaven. The reference is to George Floyd, the African American killed a few weeks ago by a Minneapolis police officer, who put his knee on his neck until he could breathe. Lukaku as N’Koulou, yesterday in goal against Parma, but also as Thuram, like the Bundesliga or Premier League players, who took to the pitch with their back written on them Black Lives Matter. There are many protagonists of the most popular sport in the world who have taken a stand against racism. Football is a carrier, we can all do more, we can all do more.

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