Tesla, record on Wall Street: Toyota overtaken | News


The march of Elon Musk. At the end of May, the brilliant businessman of South African origin had celebrated for the first manned launch of his Space X rocket, destined for the international space station. Yesterday is the news of yet another record on the stock exchange of the Tesla, the main family jewel. TO Wall Street the stock has crossed the threshold of 1000 dollars per share, which means a capitalization of 187 billion dollars. A record that allows Tesla to overcome the Toyota, the world’s leading automotive brand, stopping at $ 182 billion in capitalization.

To give the decisive push to the title of Musk rumors were about the acceleration of the production of the electric truck, a project that seemed to end up in a drawer but which Tesla now wants to carry on in the Gigafactory of Nevada. A response to competition from the Nikola brand, which had announced the production of an electric semi-trailer.

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